Minopex is a well established client utilizing On Key to increase the performance of physical assets via optimization and continuous improvement projects. Our consultants have been involved with Minopex since 2004 and still work closely with key role-players to customize the solution according to Minopex‚Äôs growing enterprise needs. This commitment is further amplified by an excellent relationship with the software partners involved. 

  1. System Integration: Synchronise and automate and transactions between Access Accounts Dimensions (Sunninghill) and Pragma On Key (15 remotely located sites/mines)
  2. On Key Data Warehouse: Develop a centralized Pragma On Key data repository. This data warehouse facilitates reporting and data analysis.
  3. Reporting Services: Develop Reporting Services reports which consolidates On Key and Access Accounts data.

When support is needed, Minopex makes use of the One Time Software Solutions help-desk, which has been commended by several Minopex employees.

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