"A software system should be like a Mozart symphony. Perfection at all levels" - Bjarne D├Ącker

Software Development & Systems Integration

The One Time Software Solutions development team draws upon a wealth of widely experienced senior development consultants.  Only developers with a proven track record for innovation and success are employed and deployed. We place great value on experience, forgoing large volumes of inexperienced developers. We are experts at systems which are developed and deployed to Microsoft based environments.

There is a strong focus on recruiting advanced, skilled developers. All staff is actively encouraged to develop themselves through development process certification and training.

The development team can be deployed to complete project based work at the client site or off-site. We make use of traditional and flexible development methodologies, including the "Waterfall" and "Agile" and are complimented by strong architectural work enabled by repository based modelling tools. The development team makes use of SCRUM as a management technique to guide the delivery of our projects.

Our Development Team delivers the following services: 

  • Coding
  • Systems Integration
  • Application Architecture Development
  • Solution Design (from conceptual through to physical implementation)
  • Configuration Management
  • Development Environment Setup
  • Developer Coaching

Software Optimization

It is seldom that a new system is created from scratch. It is more common that a large base of code within applications executes and delivers business value for long periods. The tendency starts to become that as organizations grow, they place more and more requirements on older systems. Eventually the older systems start showing signs of weakness and fragility. One Time Software Solutions assists organizations to identify the technical areas of concern, advising methods to repair and optimize the affected area or areas.

All systems are viewed holistically and not as isolated components. There are often complex and hidden interdependencies between system components and hardware that are the root cause of critical issues.

During our optimization engagements, our 
development team can work with your IT operations department to assess the future capacity and growth requirements for a given solution. Together with our cloud computing  approach to IT service management we can create measurable models to pro-actively manage the stability of the solutions.

One Time Software Solutions offers the following services under our Optimization capability:

  • Solution and application performance testing.
  • Quality of service design and verification
  • Capacity planning
  • SQL Server optimization
  • General technical problem solving